2013. október 14., hétfő

2013. július 14., vasárnap

Urban plum cake

I started to knit this project in March, and I finished about 2 months later. (Yes, finished in May but I was lazy to write about it. :P)

The yarn is a Hungarian dyeable merino wool (Barka Pikor), which I've bought from Nina, who has painted it. The name of the yarn was plum cake - I think the color really fits the name! :) I'm always afraid of using gradient yarns, because some times I loved the colors in skein but if I made a test knitting, I didn't like it on bigger surface. But now I'm totally satisfied with the result.

(click for the bigger picture!)
Designer: Veera Välimäki
Pattern: Urban (I've bought the pattern on Ravelry.)
Yarn: Barka Piktor from Nina, ~560 m
Needle: 3.5 mm
More info and pictures about the project on my Ravelry site.

The skein was originally 100 gr / 660 m and I believed it's not enough to this sweater. Finally I've used just about 85 gr, so I was really surprised. The pattern was very easy (but a little boring to knit with 3.5 needle), so I loved to knit while I watched TV.

2013. július 12., péntek

My Friday Night Outfit


Now the weather is very cool in Berlin, so if I would go to a party I should wear warmer shoes and coat. :/ But today I'm staying home, drink gin tonic, and - it's not too interesting - I'm shooting my jewelry to the Etsy shop.
However, tomorrow we are going to go to the best Berliner party place, the Berghain. I hope we can go in. :P

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2013. július 5., péntek

My Friday Night Outfit

Dress: mimetik
Earrings: daimblond
Clutch: DDSLLGirlsStore
Phone case: ZeroCase

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Back to Berlin

I'm in Berlin again... After Christmas, I stayed home in Hungary, because I wanted to take English language exam, and take an entry exam at Design Academy Eindhoven.

The entry exam was an exciting experience: I travelled to Eindhoven on 17th April, I spent a day in the city, and I took the exam on the next day, after I travelled back to Hungary. So it was a very short and intensive trip. :) We got a home assignment ("how can you give time?"), and I had to do a presentation about my homework and five other works from the last 3 years. I was really nervous, but the students and the teachers were kind and helpful, and the presentation was really good.
And a few days later I got the result: I got admitted. :)
It was my 8th entry exam... 4 times in Hungary, MOME (jewellery designer) and 1x Sopron (product design), 1x Berlin, 1x Amsterdam, and the last was Eindhoven, and I've decided, it will be the last attempt.

So, my life will be change soon... Now I'm in Berlin til end of August, after we are going to have a short holiday in Korfu, in early August I'm going to move back to Hungary, finally I move to Eindhoven on 26th August (there is an introcamp on this day).

I've about 1 moth to say goodbye to Berlin... and I'm going to start a new life in the Netherlands soon. I'm very excited!

2013. június 17., hétfő

Moo minicards

A few days ago I've got a pack from UK. My Moo MiniCards has been arrived! :) I was really happy, because I didn't want to pay for the priority mail, and the estimated delivery date was 27th June - and I'm going to move back to Berlin on 25th.

The cards have been arrived in a pretty paper box.

Pretty packaging, recycled paper (the box is recycled pulp).

...and what is in the box? :)

There are some cards from the collection. I've ordered 100 pieces with 60 different graphic. High quality, nice cards, I'm totally satisfied with them. :)